Enjoying Imperfection

“So what are your plans?”

“When are you gonna get a job?”

“What do you do all day?”

Ahhh the life of a SAHM (stay at home mom for those of us who don’t do acronyms). I know everyone means well, and I try really hard to make sure those phrases roll off me like water off a ducks back, but sometimes I do think, what am I doing? At 27 years old I have 2 and 3/4 kids, I am still around 2 years away from a bachelors degree (if i stick with the most recent choice), I haven’t had a ‘real’ job in over 4 years, and as a family we are entering the real world outside the army in T-any day now. Yet I am completely and totally happy. I have dreams for my future, but they involve me tickling kids at all hours of the day and making my own schedule. I LOVE having control over what I do, when I do it, and most of all being with my littles all the time. Sure I haven’t been on a date without my hubby (alone, anyway) since before Christmas, and sure I feel overwhelmed and burn out sometimes, and sure I was interrupted around 700 times while writing this brief post, but somehow it is so much more satisfying when I cause my own stress.

I feel like at my age I have so much life where I can choose to go wherever, and do whatever I wish, but right now living in my hot mess is the best thing I have done and I can’t imagine it any other way! I feel like the pressure of being ‘who I am suppose to be’ is a nonsense idea of adulthood and I will do whatever makes me happy today, and tomorrow, I will probably try something else, us women are so changeable. I am not the wife with the dinner always on the table, or the house always clean, or all the projects (I mean so, so, many projects) have been completed, but I love my mess. I hope to share my journey of loving myself, being a parent, cook, DIYer, wife, and superhero with you, and I hope you enjoy it from your unique perspective too.